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Certificate Course Games Design & Development, Dubai

(October 9th till Oct 17th, 2018 at IN5, Dubai Knowledge Park)*

Whether you’re working in the industry or want to change career, the NFTS teaches critical skills.Our world-class tutors, once-in-a lifetime masterclasses and vast network equip you with all you’ll need to build a successful career bringing great ideas and stories to life.
* October 12th & 13th will be closed.

Short Course Curriculum for NFTS, Dubai workshop

Duration: 7 Full Days (9.30 am to 5.30 pm)

Summary: Games is the fastest growing medium for telling captivating stories and building interesting experiences with a lot to say about the human condition. In this intensive 7 Day Course for beginners and newcomers, learn both the creative and technical process of how to make video games step by step using the Unity engine. On this course you will learn:

How to design and develop games

How to build and light levels

The fundamentals of scripting and programming

How to build fun game-play elements

Develop interesting stories for games

How to build and deploy a game for others to play

Course Learning Break Up

Unity Fundamentals

Start building a game as a class group. Learn Unity as software: user controls, viewports, world space, user interface, & GameObjects

Assets and Level Design

Learn how to import assets, meshes and images into Unity from third-party applications, and how to build levels from imported assets

Scripting and Programming (Part 1)

Learn the fundamental concepts of programming and scripting with C#, create script files that achieve core gameplay functionality

Scripting and Programming (Part 2)

Continue programming coverage to refine core gameplay elements


Bring your game to life by adding rigid-body animation to create moving elements, like platforms and doors

Character Animation with Mecanim

Add interactive animated characters to your game using Unity’s Mecanim animation tools

Audio and Sound

Enhance game atmosphere by adding dynamic music and sound that responds to user activity

Debugging and Testing

Search, refine and engage with game bugs and performance issues using Unity’s debugging toolset

Building and Deployment

Learn how to create a stand-alone desktop build for Windows and Mac platforms

Gamer to Game Developer

Bring great stories to life, or rewrite your own, at the National Film & Television School, now in Dubai

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